Analytical Essay Writing


The analytical essay format is very much like the format of any other essay. As a matter of fact, an analytical essay is pretty much like other forms of essay. But what makes it different from the rest is the fact that it involves critical thinking and analysis. Thus, when you write an analytical essay, you must make sure that you structure your essay in such a way that it will clearly show your points of analysis.

For you to have a better idea about that, here are some of pertinent information and tips when it comes to analytical essay format.

1. Like other essays

One of the first things that you should remember when it comes to the analytical essay format is the fact that it is pretty much like other essays. That means that you will have to have an introduction. The next part would be the main body. And finally, there is the conclusion.

But of course there is a slight difference in the analytical essay format. And that difference lies in how you present your arguments. You have to bear in mind your main goal when you write an analytical essay. That is to argue a point and analyze all the aspects of your analytical essay topic. Then you have to write in accordance to your main goal.

2. Introduction

The introduction of your analytical essay is the foundation. This part of the analytical essay format is the ground. Here, you will have to lay down your thesis statement. Simply put, your thesis statement is your main argument. It is the main point of your analytical essay and it is what your analytical essay is all about. At the same time, you have to give a short description or discussion of the topic of your analytical essay. Give some background information as well.

3. Main body

The next part in your analytical essay format is the main body of the essay. This is where you will put in all your arguments one by one. So in essence, this is where you will dissect your essay and write down your analysis which is the fruit of your research, analysis, comparison and summaries.

Lay down your points then give the proofs or the points which negate them. This is the time to show the strong and weak sides of the topic. At the same time, you should highlight the main points and arguments accordingly.

4. Conclusion

Finally, the last part of your analytical essay format is the conclusion. This is the end. Thus, this is the part where you will summarize all of your points and highlight the end thought that